RWD is attributable to the following:

1. Assistance from World Bank

Financial Support – For the project the amount sought from World Bank is Rs. 3,000 (Three Thousand Crore INR). 

Additional Finance : - Department is interested in Additional finance aspects; some key ones would include 

(i)  Introduction of new technologies for rural roads using local materials instead of stone aggregates which are scarce in the state.

(ii) Improved asset management including use of innovative maintenance contracts,

(iii)Stream lining and computerizing of the business processes,

(iv)Development and implementation of a Human Resource strategy for capacity building of RWD staff, and

(v)Capacity building of local construction industry. Specifically, the finance plus element would include establishing a robust and comprehensive policy-framework for implementation of MMGSY that would define

a.   rational criteria for planning and investment decisions;

b. procedures to be followed for preparing the engineering designs so as to promote use of least cost-engineering solution,climate resistant road technologies, and use of local materials in road construction;

c.  framework for management of social and environment aspects;

d.  effective participation/partnership with local governments and communities including communication strategy;

e.  use of procurement procedures promoting support through big contractors;

f.  improved contract management framework so as to avoid time and cost-over runs;

g. quality assurance procedures to ensure adequate quality of the build infrastructure;

h. financing framework of both investments and subsequent maintenance of the road assets;

i.  Monitoring and evaluation arrangements; and financial and technical audits- cost controls; and

j.  institutional framework both at the Headquarter and in field divisions;

k. Capacity building of staff through implementation of a human resources development strategy. This framework could be developed with the help of World Bank extensive knowledge support.

2. Re-organisation of the Department-

To increase the implementation capacity the Project Implementation Unit (PIUs) have been increased from 45 to 108 supported by 534 Sub-Divisions and 1070 Sections. 20 Circles headed by Superintending Engineers were put in place for effective supervision and monitoring. Broadly, the administrative jurisdiction of one circle corresponds to one or two districts, one works division to one civil sub division and one works sub division to a block.

  • Infrastructure - To facilitate effective working and faster communication the field offices were renovated, refurbished and equipped with all necessary support system.
  • Quality Management- For ensuring quality in construction of roads field laboratories with latest testing equipment have been established in each district headquarter (28 district labs, 11 regional labs). For independent Quality Control of the projects, there are already 15 dedicated Mobile Quality Management Units (MQMU) and independent State Quality Monitors in addition to the mandatory 3-tier Quality Monitoring Mechanism put in place by the GoI, and to be put in place for the state schemes.
  • Training- Nearly 1600 engineers and 2250 contractors have been imparted training in various reputed institutions. In addition to this, in-house training of engineers and contractors has also been provided in various batches with reputed faculty members. The Department is now working with the World Bank and is in the process of overhauling the implementation and monitoring systems under the technical assistance component of the World Bank loan.

 3. Others -

§        Preparation of quality DPR’s through involving community inputs in fixing the alignment by duly carrying out transect walk and managing the environmental and social issues.

§       By adopting innovative non-conventional materials in rural road construction which is cost-effective with the additional          advantage of reducing construction time period.

§         Development and Adoption of online monitoring module for effective monitoring the projects.

§         Development and implementation of rural road maintenance policy frame work


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